Global Missions

We support many different individuals and organizations here and abroad. For a complete list of our missionaries, see our Missions Table in the Gathering Hall.

Leanne Geisterfer

World Renew, Honduras

GeisterferLeanne is World Renew’s Latin America Team Leader for community development in the countries of Dominican Republic, Haiti, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Mexico. The staff in these countries carry out programs in agriculture, literacy, health, small business development, justice, civic education, land rights, as well as AIDS awareness and prevention. Leanne and her husband Caspar live in Honduras. Caspar works with Christian Reformed World Missions church development in Honduras. Leanne’s World Renew profile is here.

Gideon Gogo

Beacon of Hope, Embrace AIDS
Nigerian Partnership


In 2008 River Terrace Church initiated a partnership with the NKST church of Nigeria. This partnership focuses on the church’s response to HIV/AIDS. In February 2009, eight ambassadors from RTC visited Nigeria to meet our partners in the NKST church and experience the work of Beacon of Hope, the Nigerian organization that carries out the work with HIV/AIDS in Benue State, Nigeria.

We regularly take offerings and have a special Christmas campaign for Embrace AIDS–Beacon of Hope, to raise support for Nigerian AIDS orphans’ school tuition, providing microloans to entreprenerial projects by people infected with HIV/AIDS, providing HIV test kits, and informational booklets.

World Renew featured our Nigerian Partnership in one of its newsletters.

Anthony and Sara Sytsma

World Renew, Kenya


The Sytsmas have completed their service in Uganda. They’re preparing to serve in Kenya, with Anthony giving Timothy Leadership Training, and Sara teaching agricultural and livelihood.

You can follow their blog at, and sign up for their latest prayer updates.


Adam Umbarger

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
University of Wisconsin — Green Bay


Adam works with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay. IVCF serves students and faculty on college and university campuses nationwide.  Their vision is to see students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed, and world changers developed. Adam’s main roles with IVCF include training student leaders, fostering community and discipleship among students, and leading sessions about faith and Christianity at conferences. You can read about Adam and his wife, Alison’s work in their “Umbarger Update,” here: Umbarger Update Intervarsity at UW-Green Bay.


Jennifer VanderGalien

Shining A Light, Tanzania

VanderGalien Jennifer

Shining A Light was founded in 2009 by Jennifer VanderGalien. Its mission is to empower women through employment training, education, and spiritual enrichment. The organization’s philosophy is that distributing money to those in need provides help for the short term, but it does not provide a sustainable solution for meeting lifetime needs. Shining A Light’s Women to Work program offers Tanzanian women the opportunity to learn a trade and take classes in health care, disease prevention, money management, business, and literacy. Engaging women in opportunities to “earn and learn” breaks the cycle of poverty and paves the way for a lifetime of success—empowerment that can change a life, a family, and a community. One of the skills taught through the Women to Work program is making hand-beaded sandals that are sold through Shining A Light. If you would like to purchase a pair of sandals, or are interested in learning more, visit the organization’s website:

RTC’s own Reuben Ng has been doing missionary work for the past few months in Egypt. His reflections on his time there may be found in the article linked here: The Life of Egypt by Reuben Ng.