Church Council


Council Members 

The governing body of our church is our Church Council, made up of Elders, Deacons, and the minister. Elders and Deacons are nominated and voted upon by the members of the church. They serve three-year terms. 


Crystal Gabrielse (2022-25)
Gary Henderson Elder Secretary, Clerk of Council (2023-26)
Wendy Hofman (2021-24)
Dave Mulder Chair of Council, Chair of Elders (2021-24)

Rob Tempelman (2022-25)
Joan Uitvlugt  (2023-26)


Kerry DeBano Assistant Treasurer (2023-26)
Les Hayden  Assistant Secretary (2023-26)
Tiffany Kennon  (2021-24)
Rachel Mangiavellano  Secretary (2022-25)
John Maxwell Treasurer (2022-25)

Eric Walcott Chair of Deacons (2021-24)


Brent Wassink, Lead Pastor