We have a new team at River Terrace Church consisting of Sandee DeVries, Carla Bieber,  Simon Reiffer and Joan Uitvlugt. The purpose of this team is to ensure that people of all abilities are welcome at River Terrace and comfortable participating in the life of the church.

How are we going to do that? By:

  • reaching out to people to discern what changes need to be made so that as many of us as possible can participate as fully as possible
  • making changes necessary so that everyone is participating in the life of the church to the extent they desire
  • making our church website fully accessible and inviting for all, and allowing people a place to provide feedback and request modifications, assistance, and prayers
  • praying for and supporting our Friendship Ministry
  • providing educational and awareness opportunities about including people of all abilities
  • praying for the concerns brought to our team

Everyone in our congregation has needs and gifts. Some of the needs include macular degeneration, hearing loss, mobility issues, learning disabilities, Parkinson’s, dementia, stroke recovery, developmental disabilities, and mental health issues. The list is long and diverse.

We invite you to contact anyone on our team if you have suggestions or concerns.

Disability Resources

We have disability resources and materials available. Click a topic below for more information.

Large Print Materials

We have large print hymnals available on the south wall of the sanctuary.

Hearing Amplifiers
Please see an attendant at the sound booth in the back of the sanctuary to help get you set up with a hearing amplifier.
Hearing Loop System

Our Sanctuary has a hearing loop system installed. A hearing loop is a device that connects to an existing sound system and creates a magnetic signal that can be picked up by hearing aids that have a Telecoil (T-coil). The T-coil acts as an antenna to receive the signal, which is then transformed into sound and broadcast by the hearing aid.

Individuals with T-coil equipped hearing aids and cochlear implants can take advantage of the hearing loop technology. Background noise and echo are no longer a problem. The user will hear a clear, concise, and customized sound.

This technology is designed to work with Telecoil (T-coil) equipped hearing aids and hand held individual loop receivers. By placing your hearing aids in the Telecoil program, you will hear all sound that is broadcast, clearly. Sound will be free of distortion and echo. You will hear customized sound based on your individual audiometric prescription which will extend the functionality of your Telecoil equipped hearing aids.

Questions about the loop operations or hearing aid operation with a hearing loop can be directed to Loop America (248) 783-1104 or email them at .  

Noise Sensitivity

Noise cancelling earphones are available on the east side of the sound booth in the sanctuary.

Noise can be stressful for persons on the Autism and ASP (Asperger’s) Spectrum. RTC hopes to make worship more accessible by reducing the sound level for them. Sound sensitivity can be distracting, uncomfortable and even distressing, as their brain processes sounds differently; this is called Sensory Processing Disorder. Helping to block out or muffle these sounds is an effective solution.

If this strategy would help you, your child or a guest, please borrow a set of headphones. These are available in adult and child sizes, and are hanging on the East side of the sound booth, in the rear of the sanctuary.


Attention/ Focus

Fidget Bags are a collection of items to keep your hands busy so your mind can stay focused. They are available at the back of the sanctuary near the Praise Packs.

Lumbar Support

Lumbar support We have a pillow for you to borrow if you need back support while sitting in our wooden church pews. It is available on the east side of the sound booth within the sanctuary. 

Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

On Wednesday evenings, we have a program called Friendship Ministries. Mentors are paired with and befriend an adult with intellectual disabilities. Please contact Michelle Angell for more information.

Universal Design/ Physical Accessibility Features
Wheelchair accessible doors are located on the northwest and southeast corners of the church.

An elevator is located inside the northwest entrance.

Automatic door opening buttons are available for our main women’s and men’s restrooms on the upper level.

Pew cut outs – We have four pew cut outs in our sanctuary so that friends and family can sit with a person in a wheelchair.

Family Restroom
A family restroom is located at the northwest corner of the lower level. It is wheelchair accessible and has a diaper changing area.
Audio CDs
You can request an audio CD of any service by filling out a form in the office. The cost per audio CD is $2.00.