October 17, 2021 @ 10:10 AM – 10:55 AM

Parents, or those interested in family faith formation, are welcome to join an informal book study during the Sunday School hour. This is an opportunity for parents to gather together outside while their kids are at Sunday School and work through a book about supporting their family’s faith formation. We will work through the book chapter by chapter, and each week a different person will facilitate the discussion. The discussion will include synopsis of the chapter for anyone who didn’t have a chance to read it (we are busy parents after all) and the discussion will last as short or long as people like, then the rest of the time will be an opportunity for parents to fellowship together while their kids are in Sunday School. Melissa Keeley will lead the first week and bring along some book options. Please grab your chairs for outdoor worship and join the group at the tetherball pole, west of the garage. (Extra chairs will be available).

Contact Melissa Keeley or Carla Bieber– Interim Children’s Ministry Director, with questions.