Global Missions

We support many different individuals and organizations here and abroad. For a complete list of our missionaries, see our Missions Table in the Gathering Hall.


Leanne Geisterfer

World Renew, Honduras

Leanne is World Renew’s Latin America Team Leader for community development in the countries of Dominican Republic, Haiti, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Mexico. The staff in these countries carry out programs in agriculture, literacy, health, small business development, justice, civic education, land rights, as well as AIDS awareness and prevention. Leanne and her husband Caspar live in Honduras. Caspar works with Resonate Global Missions church development in Honduras. 

View Leanne’s latest newsletter here.


Anthony and Sara Sytsma

World Renew, Uganda

Anthony and Sara live in Soroti, Uganda, where they are working as Global Associates through World Renew, an organization of the Christian Reformed Church that works in thirty countries in the areas of community development and disaster response.  One of World Renew’s partners in Uganda is the Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAG), and we work primarily with that denomination.  This means that they are working with pastors and development organizations from PAG in the region around Soroti.  Anthony facilitates Timothy Leadership Training (TLT), and helps teach and disciple pastors.  He also teaches a curriculum he helped to write called “Helping Without Hurting in Africa” based on the book When Helping Hurts.   Sara works with the PAG development organizations in their agricultural projects as well as teaching skills like building local ovens and baking.  While living in Uganda, they will both be occasionally traveling to support the work of World Renew in other East African countries.

 VISION AND MISSION – We believe God has called us to long term ministry in East Africa in the areas of theological teaching and agricultural development.  Previously, in three years of service in Uganda and one and a half years in Kenya, God used us to change the lives of many farmers and pastors and we learned so much from them as well.  Our present term in Soroti, Uganda, began in December 2017.  We long to see the good news of the Gospel spread across the world so that more people will join in worshipping Jesus, the risen Savior.  It gives us joy to be involved in this task through encouraging others in their relationship with God and by helping them to glorify God in all aspects of their lives.  We are confident that God will continue to use us, his imperfect vessels, to accomplish a small portion of his Kingdom work through the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives and through the gifts he has given us.

You can follow their blog at, and sign up for their latest prayer updates. View Anthony & Sara’s latest newsletter here.

David Tyokighir

World Renew Program Consultant, Nigeria

David Tyokighir (tCho-key) has been the World Renew Country Consultant in Nigeria since 1991 and has developed a strong passion for empowering communities and organizations to bring about transformational development and wholeness.   David communicates with River Terrace through visits and correspondence to update us on our partnership with the Universal Reformed Christian Church (URCC) and Beacon of Hope Initiative in Benue State, Nigeria, as well as World Renew.  Beacon of Hope Initiative is a Nigerian organization that works toward a holistic response to HIV and AIDS ministry among churches and communities in Benue State, Nigeria.

View David’s newsletter here.


Adrianna (Oudman) Herrera

Resonate Global Mission, Nicaragua

Adrianna has been working with the Nehemiah Center’s Church Friendship Program for four years, connecting Nicaraguan and North American churches with each other through prayer, communication, mutual learning, fellowship, and teamwork.  Some of Adrianna’s activities involve collaborating with other international groups, teaching classes for students on the Dordt College internship program, helping coordinate volunteers at the Nehemiah Center, and serving in the Church Strengthening Dept. and leadership committees.

 View Adrianna’s latest newsletter here. View her blog at

Ovey Embu

Beacon of Hope Initiative, Nigeria

Beacon of Hope Initiative in Nigeria continues to be very thankful for our past support of the Nigeria Partnership, having given $10,000 each year since 2009.  Ovey Embu is the director who works together with David Tyokighir.  Ovey is in charge of the overall operation/ implementation of BHI programs, leading staff in planning and implementation of BHI strategies, and networking with other organizations both on HIV/ AIDS and other programs that promote holistic transformational development. The funds we give to the Nigeria Partnership provide HIV/ AIDS prevention materials and education, group micro-loans to help families provide for their families, HIV test kits, and trauma healing, all of which have produced many positive results. The partnership also provides school funds for orphans and vulnerable children.  Our walk-out program, Greenhouse, collects an offering each service toward this and recently sponsored a 9th student.  Please pray for this important work.

View Ovey’s August 2020 update here.



Adam Umbarger

Lawrence University Christian Fellowship — Appleton, WI
Bellin College InterVarsity — Green Bay, WI

Adam works with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay. IVCF serves students and faculty on college and university campuses nationwide.  Their vision is to see students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed, and world changers developed. Adam’s main roles with IVCF include training student leaders, fostering community and discipleship among students, and leading sessions about faith and Christianity at conferences. 

View Adam’s March 2020 newsletter here, and his July 2020 newsletter here.


Carla Bieber

InterVarsity Graduate Fellowship

Carla Bieber is a part-time international specialist with graduate students and visiting scholars through InterVarsity at MSU.  In addition, Carla provides opportunities for these students and scholars to interact with River Terrace Church through English conversation classes, international Bible studies, monthly potlucks, conversation partners and host families, and various special parties.

View Carla’s latest newsletter here.