Our Mission and Values

We envision a community at River Terrace where there will be: a love and passion for God, a desire to be faithful disciples of Jesus, strength and faithfulness at the center, openness to others in all their variety, freedom to differ on many things, while maintaining our core commitments, and love for each other which is expressed in joyous and caring community life.  We believe, further, that these essential core commitments of our congregation are consistent with what the New Testament teaches and with what the New Testament church was about.  What the New Testament presents throughout and especially in the book of Acts is a new community in Christ–a community filled with passion for God, openness to the Holy Spirit, openness to others, freedom of life and practice within certain key commitments, and love for each other.  We desire to be that kind of community at River Terrace Church. Our Mission Statement below attempts to capture this Biblical vision of our mission.  Our values are the convictions and strengths of River Terrace that guide our mission.

Our Mission:  We exist to glorify God and make disciples by cultivating hearts and minds to flourish in Christ.

Our Values:

  • Core truth: We are strong at the Core, articulating Biblically centered Christian faith for contemporary society.
  • Faith journey:  We are a body of disciples in the making
  • Dynamic unity:  We are united in our differences, celebrating our diversity while seeking oneness in Christ.
  • Authentic community:  We are an authentic, caring community, inviting all to become involved.
  • Caring outreach:  We share the love of Jesus, our faith, our time, ourselves, and our resources with others
  • Corporate integrity:  We are an orderly, honest community that lives out its faith genuinely.