We Believe

We are a gathering of people from diverse backgrounds humbly seeking to be:

  • lovers of God–believing that nothing is more important, more interesting, and more rewarding than this, a deep and abiding relationship with the One who created all things.
  • followers of Jesus, our Lord–discovering over and over again how his life and his teaching bring us the abundant life for which we were all created.
  • readers and students of the Bible, the Word of Life–learning anew how the Bible challenges us, changes us, and leads us in the way of Jesus Christ.
  • thoughtful–seeking both to honor the legacy of faithfulness that has been handed down to us through our roots in the Christian Reformed Church and to renew our understanding of our faith in the light of the Scriptures and the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  • open to all who come to us seeking God–recognizing that the gospel tears down the walls that we have erected between others and ourselves: walls of nationality, race, gender, and denomination.
  • rich in prayer, worship, joy, and celebration–reminded each week in worship and celebration that God is calling us into the mysteries of deep, intimate, and joyful communion with him and with each other.
  • a people who put our faith into action–believing that faith is not just something you think but something you live. Therefore, living in the grace and forgiveness of God, we joyfully reach out to others, seeking justice and peace for them.


We are a congregation of the Christian Reformed Church denomination.crxx_ChristRefChurch_graphic_color crop